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Walleye Madness - Port Clinton, Ohio

Although Port Clinton is a small town, its spirit is huge - especially on New Year's Eve! For the past 20 years, thousands have braved the cold and gathered for hours, in waiting for the"Madness at Midnight" Walleye Drop. Port Clinton is the "Walleye Capital of the World," so what else would they do on New Year's Eve but drop a 20-foot, 600-pound walleye from the sky at the stroke of Midnight! The small town USA energetically promotes the celebration through the participation of local businesses. Restaurants prepare Walleye specialties such as Walleye Chowder, Walleye Sandwiches, Walleye Cinnamon Chips, and Walleye Popcorn. A local Winery has even created a "Walleye White" wine to honor the city's Walleye Fame. Recognizing the momentum of Port Clinton's "Madness at Midnight,"

History of the Walleye Drop

The “Walleye Drop” idea came to life when "Drop Man" Dan Sedlak, with the support of the "Big Fish" Mayor Tom Brown, presented his idea to the Ottawa County Visitors Bureau and the Port Clinton Chamber of Commerce. With the assistance of John Fellhauer, John's dad-Bob, Dan's brother Kevin and Ron Miller of OurGuest Inn, the Drop became a reality that cold December of 1996, and 20 years later the event is a huge success!

The event is an outdoor celebration (other than the heated tent) and its not uncommon to face less than 10-degree weather with the "special" Lake Erie wind chill! So bundle up! Brrrrrr.....



Meet Captain Wylie the Walleye!
Wylie comes in many forms. The costume, Wylie, (shown left) was designed by Barb Bouska and he can be spotted at fairs, parades, schools and senior centers. He's made appearances on TV stations from both Toledo and Cleveland. The City of Port Clinton has embraced Wylie as their city mascot.




The original papier mache Wylie weighed in at 120-pounds and measured 17 feet long. He was created by Andre Cuthel, a contemporary artist from Berea, OH. Wylie was replaced by his fiberglass successor after a rough New Years celebration in 1997 that caused him to crack (literally)!

The Wylie that is lowered today has grown a bit since those early days. He is a 20 foot, 600 lb. fiberglass fish that was created by Jim Wendt of Jim's Taxidermy.




The original Walleye Madness at Midnight logo (shown right) was designed by Barb Bouska.

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